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Prevents Truck Pull-outs and Accidents




Dock Safety Chain and Signal System

Specializing in providing safety systems for warehouse loading docks. The dock handle with the attached safety chain and signal system prevents accidents and lost dock plate handles. 

Safer than just a chain alone, our patented integrated visual system notifies the haulers, and the Dock crew when the truck is ready for pull-out.

We offer financing options to meet most budget requirements. 

Starting price of $389 – installations available.


Of all reported accidents could have been avoided with a proper safety system.

Why loading docks need a fall protection barrier

Although OSHA states that loading docks do not require a fall protection barrier if the employer can demonstrate such a system would affect the performance of work, it’s safer to install a dock safety system on any platform that is at least 48 inches high.

Not having an OSHA certified system installed or in use can also result in a fine of $12,675 per dock, which can get very expensive for large warehouses with multiple open and not fully protected doors

Why Choose Us?

Our OSHA-compliant safety chain and signal system safety system is custom built and installed to meet your specific needs.

More than 40 years of experience providing industrial solutions for security needs and loading dock maintenance

Skilled workmanship for industrial markets

Custom solutions for your specific needs with volume pricing available

Highest quality materials and satisfaction guaranteed on all installations

Why a dock safety chain and signal system?

A bright yellow visual barrier may satisfy the minimum requirements, but they are not enough to prevent accidents 

There are cheap loading dock safety chains available online, but don’t expect their thin plastic chains to prevent serious accidents as they need to be able to take up to 200lbs of horizontal pressure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your cost to implement varies based on how many loading docks you want installed and how unique your needs are. 

Our system if made of the highest quality materials and we work with you for installation to make sure your needs are met

It depends on your needs and number of docks. Often we can do multiple docks in a single day

We have clients all across the United States and Canada. We’ll come to you & help you develop a plan and where there for you for your ongoing maintenance needs

Prevents Truck Pull-Outs and Accidents